You can visit the traditional village ”Panormo” and its beach, which are locatel 7 km from the “Villa Stella”. You can also visit the seaside village ”Balli“ (14 km) and the 18th century monastery“Atali”.

You can visit “Ancient Elephterna“ and “Axos” which are traditional villages, the monasteries of“Arcadi” and “Vosakos”. The traditional villages, ”Melidoni”, and “Zoniana” both of which are well-known for their caves. The cave in Zoniana is called “Sfendoni” and its beauty will impress you to say the least! ”Sfendoni”. You can also visit, the wax museum and the traditional villages,” Anogia “and “Margarites”. The latter, is extremely picturesque as well as well-known for its pottery.